As chairs of the Honor Committee we have the pleasure to invite you to the IV International Congress Sport, Doping and Society, that is organized by the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) and the Spanish Anti-Doping Agency. Under the theme “Looking to the future”, it will be presented the results of scientific researches and new methodologies in the field of doping in sport.


From the specific perspective of Social and Human Sciences, we believe that this initiative will contribute to identify the factors that influence the use of doping substances and methods. From this knowledge we hope to foster future prevention and doping control and to promote ethical behavior in sport.


In addition, this Congress will devote a special session aimed for young students, both high school and university levels, which will address issues related to prevention.




Mr. Carlos Conde Lázaro. 


Technical University of Madrid

Mr. Enrique Gómez Bastida.

Spanish Agency for Health Protection in Sports



Este congreso forma parte del proyecto de investigación “Prevenir el dopaje en jóvenes deportistas en Francia y España”, financiado por la AMA-WADA a través del Social Science Research Grant Program 2010.